Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

In the realm of Arts and Entertainment there are numerous sites where you can get information about your favourite artists, celebrities, and fashion at the click of a button. Sites are often competitive by making hottest gossip attainable in swift action. They do this with search engine optimisation. There are many benefits of Search Engine Optimisation. On page and off page are the most crucial when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. Quality content keeps your site at optimum search level, and key words are more likely to make you go from page 5 on some of the biggest search engines to page 1 or 2.

On page SEO is all about making your site homepage accessible to your audience. If you have user friendly browsing while on PC and mobile you are already on the right track. Let’s say your website is aimed solely at musical entertainment and you want to attract more traffic to your site In order to reach SEO you need to have tabs with keywords making your site easy to navigate. In the top half of your page would be the most ideal because that is where the average customer looks first. The first biggest benefit of on page SEO is getting return traffic to your website. If your page is user friendly there is a chance that your audience will continue to visit your website. To obtain significant SEO you need to first and foremost make your page easy to access by your visitor. Clean lines, and easy navigation tabs are key to on page SEO.

The second benefit of SEO is the use of backlinks. Backlinks help to navigate more traffic to your site and can make you a top hit on the major search engines. If you are still running that same musical entertainment site you can get a link to your site via another website. Backlinks are free advertising for your website. If someone Googles a popular artist and an article about them comes up if you are backlinked somewhere in the article the customer can click on it and automatically be navigated to your site Backlinks are used in off page SEO and on page. The benefits of backlinks are endless because they can be used on a multitude of platforms and can scale your site as big as you want it to be

Quality content on your site is a part of on page SEO and a benefit of quality content is repetitive site traffic and more site views. If you post a quality article or piece of work that is original and fresh you are more than likely going to get repeat customers and they are going to share your site with their friends via social media. Social media is a tool that is
significant to off page SEO if your content is quality and makes it on to a social media platform the chances of SEO are larger. Social media platforms are significant to the life of any site whether big or small. Quality content draws attraction on social media, and keeps customers coming back to your site Quality content is important in both on and off page SEO.

The first three benefits have a lot to do with free advertisement for your site and the retention of customers. The fourth benefit has to do with the site itself. If you know use on and off page SEO your site will flourish as far as ads, traffic, and where you land on the search engines. The utilisation of social media will allow you to create ads for your site on
those platforms in turn, causing advertisers to take interest in your site because you have site traffic.

You will benefit from integrating your site outside of your niche market. The music entertainment site you are running can flourish when customers are looking at a celebrity gossip page if you are backlinked through off page SEO you can direct customers to your site in that sense. Once you have reached the 1st page of a popular search engine like Bing or Google you have left that niche market you once had and are starting to scale bigger. Scaling your site is a huge benefit when it comes to SEO and you can scale the most through off page SEO.

On page SEO is more about customer retention than it is attracting people if they are on your site they were attracted there somehow. This goes back to quality content and site navigation that is how you retain a customer. You benefit from retention of customers because it helps your site to flourish and reach optimal search engine status. Another benefit of quality content on your site is retention of customers. Content is what got them there and it is what will keep them there. Content is both your retention and your attraction to both new and returning customers.

You can scale you site by making other sites accessible through your own page. By using backlinks on your page to another site you will be able to get out of your niche market. Try finding a site that is different from yours but is something your audience is familiar to. If you keep track of what parts of your site that your customers are visiting you can put backlinks to other sites they might like. Familiarizing yourself with your audience on your own page is a part of on page SEO. On page SEO can be used in a multitude of ways it is up to the site to figure out what keeps the customer coming back, and how often new traffic comes in User friendly information and original content help with retention and adding new concepts to your site help it to scale. On page and off page backlinks are very important to optimized SEO.

There are a multitude of benefits of SEO but it is important to note that each benefit goes hand in hand with the actions you take. Both on page and off page are pertinent to the survival of your site. While only eight benefits are listed here the possibilities and benefits are endless. You can scale your site into various realms if you do what it takes to retain your customers.