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2011 - Present

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist at New World Digital Media
I have worked with many clients to improve their search visibility in the organic listings on a variety search engines.

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16th March 2012

Diploma Internet Marketing & Online PR

The course covered largely search engine optimisation and marketing. Grade acquired Distinction.

About Me

My name is Danny, I am a full time Search Engine Specialist at New World Digital Media. I have over 9 years experience working with small or startup businesses on building there online presence and visibility across the web.

Sites worked on:
JPH Solutions Groundworks Specialists
Carai Lofts Bromley
Solar Plus Yorkshire
Cranbrook Cars
LJT Plumbing & Heating
MD Shot Blasting
Apache Plumbing
New Vision Drives Ltd


On Page Optimization 100%
Off Page Optimization 90%
CSS & HTML 85%
Photoshop 80%
WordPress 80%


Commonly Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; all about getting traffic to your site for ‘free’, organically, by amongst other things making technical & tactical changes to your website.

This varies wildly based on your approach. If you’re only writing new content once a week and investing the minimum, it could take many months to a year before you start seeing progress. Multiple weekly blog posts, regular link building, and content promotion could see results in a matter of weeks. The longer you pursue a campaign, the better results you’ll see.

Yes, reports can be provided.

Organic = free results delivered by search engines based upon their individual algorithms. Paid = where businesses pay/bid for their links to appear at the top of the search engines.

SEO is a long term strategy, you build up your authority and visibility over time. If you are looking for a short term solution in addition to creating long term visibility we’d recommend employing a PPC campaign alongside SEO if you have the budget.

SEO takes time, and a consistent campaign, the way you should think is if you stop SEO activity because you’ve reached your goal, all those competitors ranking below you, they’re still going to be plugging away to gain positioning so you need to continue work to react to this. We never sell SEO as a short term strategy, we take into account your sites audit, implementations, site recrawling and ongoing authority building; it all takes time. Any progress you see in say 3 month’s, think what you could see in 12.

There’s a huge amount of work that goes on in the background month on month with SEO and it’s not always visible to clients, things such as analysing data, technical implementations and competitor reviews which all influence the ongoing strategy.

A drop of one/two positions in a week? No this is fluctuation we would expect and isn’t something to be worried about. Obviously, the main aim in SEO is to increase and then stabilise these positionings however if you think that the business above & below you may also be working hard at SEO in high competition markets especially you will see movement, it’s all about watching the activity and responding with your campaign.

If you have a particular competitor you are using as a benchmark for your rankings for a particular term then let us know, this way we can take a look at their complete online profile and adjust our strategy appropriately.

Sometimes it’s simply down to the age of the domain, other times it can be down to metadata, the content on their particular landing page, number of backlinks – there’s a huge number of things that Google (and other search engines) look at to determine where sites rank so it’s about identifying the areas where your site is performing weaker than those above you.

Link building isn’t dead but the nature of it has changed. It used to be that you could go out, plug a lot of money into buying links from across the websphere and these would all help towards your ranking. Nowadays, however, search engines are all about quality and the perceived authority of your site; think of them as votes from other websites. Nowadays it’s all about outreach strategies- you are looking for ‘votes’ from high-quality industry relevant websites- quality rather than quantity!